Are you caught in negative thinking patterns that lead to feeling bad about yourself? Are you your own worst critic?

Normally, a person’s self-esteem fluctuates at different times in their lives. People can feel confident and happy while during other periods they can experience self-doubt, self-criticism, and an ongoing sense of failure. Challenges with self-esteem can stem from many factors, including unresolved issues during their childhood, current or prior relationships problem, a history of social problems, dating,a break up, losing a job, substance abuse, and chronic health difficulties. Left untreated, low self-esteem can lead to relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression and feelings of being unfulfilled.

CFSC adult service has a team of compassionate and highly trained therapists who successfully help adults address low self-esteem by guiding people to gain better insight, awareness and develop the life skills they need. Approaches include cognitive-behavioral therapy, insight oriented and solution-focused therapy. Our therapists work collaboratively to gain a full understanding of the challenges and develop an effective treatment plan to meet goals.

When you are struggling with self-esteem, CFSC Adult Counseling  is ready to help. Call (248) 851-5437 or text (248) 871-7622 today to schedule an appointment and get on the road to feeling happier and confident.

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