Adult Therapy

Feeling anxious? Struggling with frequent changes in moods? Feeling unsatisfied with where you are in life? Adult therapy allows individuals to utilize their strengths amidst emotional and behavioral challenges.

Whether you are experiencing life stress, anxiety, sadness, relationship difficulties, or loss, CFSC Adult Services is here to help you grow and persevere without compromising your mental health.

As adults, we sometimes find it difficult to cope with some life events more than others. Despite possessing the skills to tackle such problems, we are not always able to access these skills and can experience conditions such as depression, anxiety, and emotional distress. When you are feeling overwhelmed by these situations, we can help.

Individual therapy can help improve emotional awareness and identify and address behavioral issues. Our team of expert therapists work with you to discover your strengths and provide you with techniques that enable you to to handle the challenges of life and maximize your potential. We guide you to discover appropriate and long-term solutions to your problems. Our contemporary and evidenced based strategies and interventions are designed in such a way to cater your unique needs and help you resolve your problems effectively. We consider every individual’s potential and pace and provide you with the right environment needed for bringing out the best in you.

Our team of highly trained and compassionate therapists are just a phone call away. If you are ready to make a change for the better, call CFSC at  248-851-5437 or text 248-871-7622.